Some of our features which set us apart from other hosts.

cPanel Based Web Hosting

HostingFlux takes advantage of the cPanel control panel. cPanel is the industry's leading web hosting account control panel. It is packed with features and fronted by an easy to use, clear and intuitive interface that makes even the most daunting of tasks a breeze - such as setting up e-mail accounts, creating databases and one-click script installations. There are many control panels that you can use, but none compare with the same ease of use and incredible technical specs of cPanel.

FluxSecure Server Protected

Your safety and privacy matters and many clients and consumers will not purchase if they feel that they will not be protected during their purchase. With this in mind, HostingFlux has developed our own security measure, FluxSecure. FluxSecure is a utilization of a variety of high end software and configurations to successfully prevent any malicious attacks and fraud to occure. Our security measure will ensure that your company and business is protected, we offer these features free as we take responsibility in providing the highest quality for our clients.

Superior Hardware

Did we mention that we have great hardware? HostingFlux utilizes world class and high performance servers with dedicated ram as well as fast and effective server processing to maximize your website and business potential. We understand the growth in a business and we will not restrict your company's growth by limiting what we offer. All of our hardware is maximized in potential. Not only do we optimize our servers with the top of the line hardware, we also utilize the best in security and server softwares to effectivly provide personality and security to your business.

99.9% Server Uptime Guarentee

Do you keep a strict schedule while at work? Do you make sure to open at a specific time for your business storefront? Well we take the same basic yet highly important principle and apply it to your web hosting. We will guarentee your site to receive 99.9% update. Usually, you will never experience any downtime. This way, your customers will never have to worry about being unable to access and make their purchases through your digital site. Server uptime is an essential for a company with high reputation. With no downtime, your clients will feel that you as a business respect them.

World Wide Reach

We service in all countries! That is right, no matter if you are living in the technology savvy city of New York or in your cottage (with data connection!) in brazil, you and your customers will always be able to access your website no matter where you are, as long as you are connect to the world wide web! We provide the fastest server speed and optimization to allow browsing through your site, hassle free! If you are an international business or wish to have an audience in the international scale, our service is essential for your success! This way, anyone can view your business!

CloudFlare™ Official Partner

We are very proud to be an official CloudFlare partner! This enables us to give you their great service for free when you sign up for any of our hosting packages. You can find out more information by visiting our page dedicated to informing you about the CloudFlare platform here.