About Us

Here you can obtain information about HostingFlux.

Who are we?

HostingFlux is one of the leading providers in IT services such as web hosting, server management and business solution plans. What we offer is a guarantee that when your company transfers to the internet, our service will provide the most dedicated service for business uptime, server performance and customer support. We take pride in what we offer and, with our team of highly skilled professionals in a variety of fields such as Web Development, Programming, Graphic Design and Server Management, we can provide what other companies cannot.

As mentioned above, HostingFlux employees a variety of skilled staff that specialize in many fields. This allows us to assist with our client's issues and problems much quicker and more professionally. Have an unknown error when transferring to our host? We have programmers who specialize in fixing those errors. Need help marketing your new online business? Just ask our marketing specialists. As a client, you are our family and we will go out of our way to help and make sure your success comes as smooth as possible.

Our company would like to make promises to our clients, and we will stop at nothing to fufill these promises and turn them into reality. These being that we will be here to stay. Our services will last for as long as it is possible. We guarantee that HostingFlux will offer the most affordable prices for our services. We will also guarantee our servers will be of the highest standards, hardware and software to keep your online business running perfect.

Our Team

David Macaulay is the head developer and technician for HostingFlux. Currently, David holds a position of the development corperation, Oxyden Ltd., and resides as the company Director and Founder. David Macaulay has developed for a variety of large corperations and firms both privately held and public. With an extensive background and years of application in software and web development, as well as IT Server Management. David enjoys assisting others with problems that he is able to solve both in web development as well as business strategies.

George Liu is the lead marketing director and visual graphics developer for HostingFlux. George is presently the founder and CEM of Apollis Company. With years of application in both marketing and also graphic development, he is very complete in his tasks. George Liu has worked for a variety of expansive internet firms for marketing and have done countless freelancing work for graphics. He is also a green enthusiast and enjoys discussing and also helping others fufill their goal for projects and setting plans for success.